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GamaSutra survey finds discoverability to be #1 key issue facing app creators

Discoverability cited as #1 problem with app ecosystem

From this GamSutra article – In a free-form survey question, developers were asked to identify what they felt to be the biggest problem within the current app development market. Most answers connected to problems with discoverability—albeit from different ends of the spectrum. Developers frequently described app stores as “crowded” and “overpopulated with low-quality apps”; others also noted that users’ expectations for free apps made it hard to charge even $0.99 for their higher-quality app. 


We’ve joined TIGA

We really should have done this years ago, as TIGA is such a great trade association for independent games companies….but we’re finally fully paid-up, card carrying members of TIGA. (We do get a card, right?)


TIGA welcomes EVIL27 Games as its latest member

Publish Date: Thursday 9th May 2013

TIGA, the organisation representing the games industry, has welcomed social mobile games developer EVIL27Games as its latest member.

Founded by Kevin Corti who has 13 years’ experience of developing serious, social and mobile games, the company focuses on mid-core tablet games and specifically with an interest in exploring the potential for user-generated content for mobile gamers. It has an iOS and Android puzzle game in development which it will launch this summer but the company is currently exploring ideas around user-generated content, or ‘mobile modding’ as a mechanism for driving user acquisition and an engaged and loyal player base.

Kevin Corti said:
“The games market is increasingly becoming one characterised by micros and small independent developers. Our belief is that our collective success lies in positive collaboration and cooperation and we see TIGA as the perfect body to help foster this.”

Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA, said:
“EVIL27 is a young and enthusiastic company and the type that TIGA is well placed to help with, not least through our provision of networking events, best practice information and advice and discounts from third party suppliers. Networking is particularly important for companies of this size and we are in a great position to assist. I am delighted that Kevin Corti’s EVIL27 Games has joined TIGA.”

Notes to editors:

About TIGA:
TIGA is the trade association representing the UK’s games industry. The majority of our members are either independent games developers or in-house publisher owned developers. We also have games publishers, outsourcing companies, technology businesses and universities amongst our membership. Since 2010, TIGA has won 14 business awards and has been nominated a finalist for 16 other awards.

TIGA’s vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business.  We focus on three sets of activities: political representation, generating media coverage and developing services that enhance the competitiveness of our members.  This means that TIGA members are effectively represented in the corridors of power, their voice is heard in the media and they receive benefits that make a material difference to their businesses, including a reduction in costs and improved commercial opportunities.

For further information, please contact Dr Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO on: 07875 939 643, or email

EVIL27 Games secures start-up/market research funding

We’re proud to announce that we have been successful in securing funding from two sources. We have a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) grant to support our proof of market research and a Birmingham Growth Fund: Investors Fortress start-up grant to support the company in it’s baby steps.

In case you don’t know what we do….

– we are a developer of games for tablet/smartphone devices
– we are particularly interested in games that enable user-generated content to be created and shared over social networks

Follow us on Twitter at @evil27games to stay in touch

We’re ‘Evil’….but we think you will like us

It’s hard to say much when you are in stealth mode but here’s what we can say….

  1. The biggest opportunities in gaming lie with MOBILE devices
  2. SOCIAL does not mean spam, it means games are inherently fun because you are playing with other people
  4. We genuinely think that it is fantastic that your mom is now playing games, but we want to make mobile games that your mom won’t like… that are just a little bit ‘Evil’

Stay tuned.

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