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15 Rules on F2P game design from @gamesbrief

The F2P Summit is running (as I type) in London today. We couldn’t make it down but we’re capturing golden nuggets of game design/marketing goodness via the Twitter-stream (search for #F2PSummit)

Nicholas Lovell (@gamesbrief) has just finished a session giving his take on the rules for F2P game design which we thought we’d share here for your reading pleasure…..

  • Rule 15 from @nicholaslovell on F2P games making: ‘It never ends’. What to do and what to learn is an ongoing process.
  • Rule 14 from @nicholaslovell: Experiment. But know what you are looking for when doing so, don’t risk too much, and learn from it

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The opportunities in mobile gaming are in {asynchronous social multiplayer games}

It should be clear to anyone that is interested in computer games that the mobile gaming market is growing very fast and, with smartphone penetration still accounting for only 40% in even major markets, that there is room for a lot more growth and for several years still.

It is also clear, to anyone who is actually making mobile games, that creating a game that people want to play en masse, let alone pay for (or in) en masse, is extremely hard. There are already over 130,000 games already submitted to the Apple App Store. Games like CSR Racing may be pulling in US$12million in their first month, but there is a very long tail in action here and the average revenue for a mobile game is reportedly less than US$4,000. Whilst it is still theoretically feasible to develop a mobile game for a few thousand dollars (working unpaid still has an opportunity cost even if there is not an actual monetary expenditure) most games from professional studios will have development budgets ranging from US50,000 to as much as US$1million.

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We’re ‘Evil’….but we think you will like us

It’s hard to say much when you are in stealth mode but here’s what we can say….

  1. The biggest opportunities in gaming lie with MOBILE devices
  2. SOCIAL does not mean spam, it means games are inherently fun because you are playing with other people
  4. We genuinely think that it is fantastic that your mom is now playing games, but we want to make mobile games that your mom won’t like… that are just a little bit ‘Evil’

Stay tuned.

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